Leeson (Gnarl) Niam

Short, wirey wood elf monk that wants everyone to be friends



Class and Level: Monk 8 Background: Hermit Race: Wood Elf Alignment: Neutral Good Experience: 34493

Fighting Stuff

General Info

AC: 19 Initiative: +5 Speed: 50ft Max HP: 59 Total HD: 8 Max Ki: 8 Proficiency Bonus: +3 Save DC: 15


  1. Dwarven Short Sword +1: +9 to attack Damage: 1d6 +6
  2. Unarmed Strike: +8 to attack Damage: 1d6 +5
  3. Throwing Dagger +1: +9 to attack Damage: 1d6 +6


  • Action Heal 3x Mnklvl =24
  • Action Stillness of Mind: End charm or frightened effect
  • Bonus Action Unarmed strike if attack action used
  • Bonus Action FOB 2 Unarmed strikes immediately after attack action (1 Ki)
  • FOB Options on Hit: Dex Save or Prone/ Str Save or push 15ft/ No reactions
  • Bonus Action Dodge (1 Ki)
  • Bonus Action Disengage or Dash/ Jump distance x2 (1 Ki)
  • Reaction Deflect Missiles -1d10 +13 damage from missle/ Return fire if reduced to 0 (1Ki)
  • Reaction Slow Fall -5x Mnklvl fall damage =40
  • Stunning Strike: Con Save or stun on hit (1 Ki)
  • Hide when slightly obscured by natural concealment
  • Darkvision: 60ft
  • Fey Ancestry: Adv against charm effects and cannot be put to sleep
  • Trance: 4 hour long rest, not sleep
  • Evasion
  • Magical Unarmed Strikes


  • Common
  • Elvish
  • Halfling
  • Herbalism
  • Cooking
  • Simple Weapons
  • Long/shortsword
  • Long/shortbow

Stats and Skills


Score: 14 Modifier: +2 Save(P): +5

  • Athletics: +2


Score: 20 Modifier: +5 Save(P): +8

  • Acrobatics(P): +8
  • Slight of Hand: +5
  • Stealth: +5


Score: 14 Modifier: +2 Save: +2


Score: 12 Modifier: +1 Save: +1

  • Arcana +1
  • History +1
  • Investigation(P) +4
  • Nature +1
  • Religion(P) +4


Score: 18 Modifier: +4 Save: +4

  • Animal Handling +4
  • Insight(P) +7
  • Medicine(P) +7
  • Perception(P) +7 Passive: 17
  • Survival +4


Score: 8 Modifier: -1 Save: -1

  • Deception -1
  • Intimidation -1
  • Performance -1
  • Persuasion -1



Money on hand: 66GP 6SP 51CP
Money in Bank: 1472GP
Guild Value: 10892GP 6SP


  • Fly Statue
  • Flying Boots
  • Helm of Telepathy (detect thoughts/ Suggestion DC13)
  • Common Clothes
  • Explorer’s Pack
  • Healer’s Kit 9 uses
  • Herbalism Kit
  • Winter blanket
  • Scrollcase
  • 10 Empty Vials
  • 1 Vial of Oil
  • Hooded Lantern
  • Antitoxin
  • Holy Symbol of Evil Dwarven God


Personality Trait: Utterly serene even in the face of danger.
Ideals: Seeking self-knowledge and understanding of dream
Bonds: Still seeking enlightenment
Flaws: Not tell secrets, go in alone


The Niam family belonged to a ninja clan known to outsiders as the Shadow Walkers. They used their prowess for infiltration, espionage and assassination for a price or just cause. The clan followed a strict code of obedience and absolute loyalty.

The Niam family had a mother, father, elder son, younger sister and Leeson who was yet unborn. The father and mother had decided that they no longer agreed with the direction that the clan was heading and attempted to flee in the night. They were hunted and the father and eldest brother stayed behind to fend off the hunters when the mother went into labor. The sister and mother found refuge and gave birth to Leeson. Once Leeson was deemed healthy the sister slayed the mother revealing that she was loyal to the clan and planned to return with the baby in hopes of a reward for her loyalty. The father returned without the eldest son and fought his daughter to keep his baby. He rescued Leeson but was unable to slay his own daughter whom escaped into the shadows. His father stumbled upon a hermit in the woods many miles from the clan’s village. They rested for two weeks there when another attack happened. The father fought back so that the hermit could escape with the child.

The hermit called the child Narl and raised him as his own in a manner of martial arts that stove to foster peace with all. Narl stayed with the hermit until he had a vision of the world breaking and awoke with a strong urgency to stop this vision from becoming reality. He said his good byes and traveled towards Greenest.

Leeson (Gnarl) Niam

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